About Me

Born and raised in Valencia Venezuela, Living in Chicago since August 2018, prior to living in Miami from July 2013 to August 2018.

Through my modeling and graphic designer career i have been fortunate enough to combine my love of fashion, travel, discovering beautiful new places and cities which are continually inspiring my style.


I've been a Graphic Designer for over 8 years, some of which are well known all around the world. I am a creative, enthusiastic, self-motivated, confident, down to earth individual with solid problem solving skills. I strive to challenge myself everyday and learn something new in the process. 


Modeling has been second nature for me, I’ve been comfortable in front of the camera for as long as I remember, but professionally since 2007. My profile consist of run way, photo shoots, music videos and beauty contest.


My current day to day life consist of being a social media manager, graphic designer for a large international artist. In my free time, I continue to grow my community via social media and my blog. 

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