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Exuviance, my new religion.

I have been using these Exuviance products for the past few weeks and I can only say good things. I am going to talk about each other separately so you understand better:

-The most important has been the eye cream. I have already noticed differences, also do not burn (I am always aware of this since they usually cause me a little burning, I dont know if it happens to you too), enlightens me, and most importantly It takes away the #puffyeyes in the morning.

-The serum makes my skin very soft, it is also "Age Reverse", and you have to start thinking about that being 30 now haha. HAs NeoGlucosamine, which exfoliates, softens and reduces fine lines, vitamin C helps create a more uniform skin tone, and Aminofil, is compatible with the skin's natural collagen so that the skin looks firmer and raised

-As regards oil, it has a compound that is compatible with the skin's natural firming collagen, it has vitamins F, A, C and E that moisturizes and defends the skin against environmental bacteria that accelerate aging. Anyway, the 3 products have me super fascinated so it is a Win Win Win! You can find them in #ULTA

Which brand of serum and eye cream do you use?

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